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Own It

Rakiya George

"You'll Never Find A Rainbow, If You Are Looking Down" 

Pessimism, doubt, fear, these are all things that hold you back from accomplishing your goals. No matter what you try to achieve, there will always be that underlying feeling of not being successful, and do you know what I say to that? F**k Off; do you!

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by  Joel Serrano

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by Joel Serrano

Everything takes time, and what I've learned in this past year, is that you have to be patient. Spiritually I've grown this past year as well, and I do not speak of it openly, but I'm a firm believer when I say that God doesn't make mistakes. Everything happens for a reason, and everything can get done as long as you stick to it and remain positive. I thoroughly believe that pessimism is a disease created to discourage and distract you; constantly talking yourself out of something is draining. You start to not believe in yourself and that isn't healthy. You have to be your biggest fan before anyone else, but if you're presenting yourself to the world, and you aren't confident, how is anyone supposed to believe you? You have to be real with yourself before anything. Taking a leap of faith is always scary, and unpredictable, but staying confident has to be your number one priority when making any sort of life change. 

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by  Joel Serrano

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by Joel Serrano

I remember when I used to always think negatively about EVERYTHING. A friend would give me an idea, and I would list everything that could possibly go wrong. It. Isn't. Healthy. Just from shooting down every possible idea, I felt heavy with constant doubt and negativity. I wasn't myself anymore, life wasn't fun. Your mind can take you to places that are either really beneficial to you as well as detrimental to you. I personally hate overthinking, but when you're feeling slightly low, or even a tad bit stressed, that's all your mind seems to do.

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by  Joel Ser rano

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by Joel Serrano

The logic that comes from overthinking is somewhat comical. For example, when you overthink about why your significant other didn't text you back for two hours; if you're insecure enough, you automatically think they're doing wrong, but then when you start to overthink, you think of 85 people they could possibly be doing wrong with, send a long ass paragraph of why this person isn't shit, and then when they finally reply with"I was just taking a nap", you calm yourself down immediately and de-escalate. Isn't that insane?! Overthinking is the Devil! It's such a tiring and negative thing to do to yourself.  

For any situation, listing pros and cons is essential, but to completely desert any idea because you only thought of the bad that can come from it, isn't the best way to live your life; it isn't productive. Over time, I've taught myself to not think negatively automatically, because when people come to me for advice or ask me if they should venture off into something, I automatically tell them yes and that they should go for it. I plant that idea in their head, and wish them all the best, so I have to have that same mind-set when it comes to myself. Practice what you preach. I used to give advice all day, but never actually incorporated it into my own life, and it made me feel extremely hypocritical. 

Take baby steps when thinking about your next move. I literally ooze positivity and optimism now; ask my wonderful friends. I basically say "F**k Off" to anything that opposes my goal. Having a strong, positive mind-set can really change your mood around. Instead of walking around with a dark cloud, I am skipping with a ray of sunshine. I can't be stopped, I can't be persuaded otherwise, I'm getting shit done.

There is always a rainbow in my view! 

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by  Joel Serrano

Captured in Bayonne, NJ | Shot by Joel Serrano