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Rakiya George

Shot by Joel Serrano

Shot by Joel Serrano

As a young woman, living life seems to be a constant battle of showing proof/proving a point. For whom? I’m honestly not too sure. I guess I can say society, since society has us all figured out. You’re taught to be sweet and kind — “Don’t curse, that isn’t lady-like.” “Don’t show too much emotion, that’s a sign of weakness.” “Don’t say too much, it’s intimidating.” Once you’re out in the world, all on your own, you’re not even sure of who YOU are. This is why I believe they say that your 20’s are for soul searching; you’re so used to the influences you were surrounded by, that you’ve lost the ability to think for yourself.

Living on my own has changed my view on things and that is a result of listening to myself and truly figuring out who I am. Upon moving, I was told that I would learn things about myself that I wasn’t aware of and I agree 100%. I move differently, think differently: I react or choose not to react which is still a reaction in itself. My energy is very precious, but there comes a time where you’re simply fed up with certain things that take place in your life. Once you show that emotion or sensitivity, you’re looked at as being cold or you’re just another “Angry Black Woman”. No, I am the woman that took on a lot of unnecessary stress and gave utmost support regardless. I am the woman who gives and does not receive. I am the woman who asked for nothing at all and was still plagued to unrequited circumstances. This woman is tired. So very tired.

Shot by Joel Serrano

Shot by Joel Serrano

Like myself, there are millions of women who are tired of doing things that society said was meant for them. We have to deal with toxicity because society doesn’t need another broken black man, but did anyone ever think of the broken black woman? We can give pieces and pieces of ourselves away little by little to wither away and become absolutely nothing to keep someone else lively and spirited. Life isn’t fair, but it is brutally honest, and everything happens for a reason, whether you like it or not. There are so many obstacles in our paths that we have to face, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. However, no matter the situation, it is imperative to find the light in any dark situation. When i find myself lost in my own negative thoughts, or in the process of recovering from something, I make it a priority to understand the positives that are a result of whatever it is I am going through.

Being by yourself allows a lot of room for your thoughts to wander. I’m human, I feel just like everyone else. I strive for positivity and being strong, but just like you, I hurt as well and I go through unwanted situations just like anyone else. When I’m alone dissecting a situation, I always think about the good that’s become of it. What burden has been lifted, what stride has been taken; I also reassure myself of my value. Everyone doesn’t understand your value, nor is it for everyone to receive. Once you begin your journey towards a higher vibrational lifestyle, and let go of all things that are spiritually weighing you down, you’ll start naturally aligning with things/people that are meant for you.

Shot by Joel Serrano

Shot by Joel Serrano

A daily affirmation that I abide by to heal myself of anything is: “You aren’t going through anything that you can’t handle. You are resilient.”

You are capable of bouncing back from any and everything that is thrown at you. No matter how tired you may be, weak you may feel, understand that it is natural to feel low at times, but picking yourself up is the most beautiful part of it all. Society knows nothing about struggles, and when you’re going through something, I want you to know that feeling every emotion possible is completely normal, and you shouldn’t try to act like these feelings do not exist. Feel, heal, and move on. It’s a natural part of life. What’s a daily affirmation that YOU live by?