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Rakiya G visits GirlsRoomJC: An Ode to Self Love

Rakiya George

"When Women Support Each Other, INCREDIBLE Things happen."

The ambiance at  Harry's Daughter  is to die for. 

The ambiance at Harry's Daughter is to die for. 

I'm going to constantly stress the need to support one another this year. I support all creatives alike, but when it comes to women, our sisters, they get every inch of my energy. Hard-working women who are getting things done in unique ways will always catch my eye. When you see growth within a collective, you have no choice but to feel for their accomplishments, and give the credit where it's due. 

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending an adorable women's brunch created by the lovely ladies of GirlsRoomJC in partnership with Chilltown Collective. IT. WAS. SO. CUTE. These teams really outdid them-selves from the venue Harry's Daughter, to the menu, to the personalized place cards all with an individual inspirational quote on the back. I thoroughly understood that they took their time to intricately plan an amazing event for women to feel empowered. 

Great Turnout!

Great Turnout!

This sold-out magical event called for a monochromatic fit which allowed a rainbow of women to dress comfortably and look absolutely gorgeous while doing so. This was a Galentine's family style brunch that allowed you to network with beautiful women and to really see a side of Jersey City that not a lot of people know about. There are so many creative beings in Jersey City, and this event brought forth an entire female force. Could you imagine the photo-shoot for this? Just all bad ass creative women? Girl. There were makeup artists, entrepreneurs, beauty experts; any type of creative you could think of was in attendance, with their highlight GLOWING. 

Vendors included Pepper B of who had her Kiss and Recharge PowerBank Luxe portable charger and super chic Oversized Diamond Makeup Bag for sale. She was also in charge of the complimentary Kiss & Recharge Luxe charging and trinket station. Another vendor who's work was seen throughout the venue was Angelica of @Imperfection_Art. Her pieces depicted the female body in the many natural forms that it comes in. Lastly there was a Self Love Glow Bar brought to you by Bloomsbury Sq, this included demos that highlighted skin care and beauty. 

This event had so much to do, so many people to talk to, and the playlist was super LIT. I applaud these lovely ladies for having such a heartwarming event. Members of GirlsRoomJC include: Stephanie Garced , Arjayla Ortiz, Minorca Sanchez , Lizsandra Padilla, Shanique Sanabria, Carina Hernandez, Lizzette Gonzalez, and Deliana Acosta

S L A Y . 

S L A Y . 

I am beyond proud of you ladies, and I know that there is so much more to come! For my readers, please check them out, hit that follow button on Instagram and stay in the loop; more dope events will be coming soon!