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Souled Out

Rakiya George

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.
Captured in Jersey City, Shot by  Chase Whetstone  | Shades by  Styling Stingy

Captured in Jersey City, Shot by Chase Whetstone | Shades by Styling Stingy

We are constantly thinking, We are thinking of our futures, times from the past, and thinking in the present as we are constantly making moves. If there was an option to stop thinking would you take it? I honestly daydream unconsciously all of the time. I'm simply hungry for a change; I'm always thinking about doing/being better. Some people prefer to run away from thinking; in a nutshell running away from their issues. I'll be honest, I try to run away from my issues as well, but you have to take them on; face what is right in front of you. 

I appreciate my solitude, it's where I get most of my thinking done. I plan my next post, I plan my next goal, I think of the life I want to have. I'm doing good, but can always do better; I want to be great. Our minds are constantly going, and our thought process is constantly evolving. Thinking of what is yet to come, is exciting, however you need to really appreciate what's going on in your life right now. The present is what prepares you for the future. 

In those moments where I'm staying to myself and finding spiritual peace within, it is simply to get my mind right for whatever is coming my way. You can only think for yourself, and as I look back at times where I tried to think for others, I've realized that I was always unsuccessful. You cannot change a mind that is already made up; it took so many life lessons for that to process in my head. To thoroughly understand that yes, you can have an influence on someone, but you cannot dictate the decisions they choose to make. You've tried your hardest to make someone see what you have to offer, and try to paint a picture for them to look forward to, but they refuse to add color to your picture. That's a person who unbeknownst has had their mind made up already. In situations like that, it is very hard to let go, because your mind already has an idea fixated on how things should be. Just as often as your mind can change, situations can change just as quickly too. 

Captured in Jersey City, Shot by  Chase Whetstone  | Shades by  Styling Stingy

Captured in Jersey City, Shot by Chase Whetstone | Shades by Styling Stingy

When I'm thinking about something, I'm always thinking of what my soul would react to. I don't put myself in situations where an uncertainty is bound to occur. I try to think as positively as possible, even when the odds aren't in my favor, but I strongly believe that if you have a positive mind-set, positive things will occur. If you're always negative or doubtful, how can you think that anything good will happen for you? No matter what you are going through, I think its best to think positive. There are millions of other people possibly in the same predicament as you, so stressing on what is out of your control, is never needed. 

I've watched people wither away because they refuse to get out of their negative thoughts. It's absolutely draining to think of the worst constantly. Your body reacts to what your mind is processing, thinking so negatively can change your entire demeanor. This change is noticeable to everyone around you. It's literally like a dark cloud is following you everywhere you go. My mind set has gotten like that from time to time, and I've always felt heavy. Heavy with doubt, heavy with uncertainty, and my soul was aching to be relived. 

Captured in Jersey City, Shot by  Chase Whetstone  | Shades by  Styling Stingy

Captured in Jersey City, Shot by Chase Whetstone | Shades by Styling Stingy

All it takes is a simple positive idea to make your entire body feel alive. At the end of the day, everyone has a vision of where they want to be in life. It is attainable, but you have to greatly appreciate how far you've come and what's going on for you right now in this particular moment. When I used to get in these sad-negative funks, I always thought about what was occurring for me right now, and how thankful I ought to be for being in this particular state. You've got to listen to your soul and your body when it is telling you to make a change. There is always a silver lining in any situation, you just have to think of it.