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You Got This

Rakiya George

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Shirt by by  Nareasha Willis  #BlackVogue taken at  #CurlFest

Shirt by by Nareasha Willis #BlackVogue taken at #CurlFest

Often times, when you've been wronged, the natural reaction is to think or be "dark". Dark is mostly associated with being negative, or pessimistic. I can honestly say that when something has been done to me, and it actually affects me, that is what my mind preps me to do; to become anti-social and angry. It takes a lot for me to be affected by anything, so when I am affected, it takes a toll on me. Being hurt or disappointed is a part of life, but the way in which you cope with your battles, is how you strive past it. I've gotten rid of negative or toxic situations for the sake of my sanity; having a healthy mind can change your perspective on how you think daily.

When I was younger, all of my reactions were based on impulse with minimal to no thinking whatsoever. I could be wrong and still have to react; that's completely changed now. At this age, the amount of energy it takes to argue or prove a pointless point is a lot, and I'd rather not do so. I think about my reaction and say exactly how I feel and then move on; not every situation deserves a reaction though; again why waste your energy? I also don't believe in burning bridges; just always resolve the issue on a positive note; there's no need for bad blood because that allows a dark presence to resound within you no matter how hard you try to not let it in. 

Shirt by by  Nareasha Willis  #BlackVogue taken at  #CurlFest

Shirt by by Nareasha Willis #BlackVogue taken at #CurlFest

Hating anyone takes a lot of your energy and no matter what a person has done to me, I cannot bring myself to actually hate the person; I just remove myself entirely and focus on the positives that life has to offer. I used to always want to get the last word out, or prove my point, but now I couldn't care less. Kill everyone with kindness and know that karma is real and it works. In the crappiest of situations, I think finding the light within a terrible situation is what makes you whole. Think of anyone that you know personally that has been through a lot, but still manages to smile and find joy in the smallest of things. That is where my mentality is at. I'm human. I get mad and upset, but I move on. I get all of my frustrations out in my head or I vent to a select few and realize why I am better than the situation I am stressing over. I realize why I don't need this instance/person anymore. It's refreshing. I wake up the next day with a better attitude and a clear mind-set. 

Overcoming any wrongdoing takes a lot of strength, because people tend to dwell on what is out of their control. Dwelling is what keeps your mental down and discourages you from accomplishing your goals. My father recently told me that no matter what you're going through, it is imperative to remain focused on your dreams, your passion, and to see the light in every situation. You're better than that. 

Every experience is a lesson. Just learn how to Shine through it. 

Shirt by by  Nareasha Willis  #BlackVogue taken at  #CurlFest

Shirt by by Nareasha Willis #BlackVogue taken at #CurlFest